5 Ways To Add Spice To Your Relationship.

By Wise Guy Bobby,
Money has become the basis for a good relationship today, that’s why marriages, relationship keep on crumbling even when the money is there.
But no matter how much we twist and turn it, happiness will always be the key to a blissful relationship, and things required to keep the fire burning might be as little and available as dead leafs.
1) Breakfast in bed – I don’t know how this works but it knows how to walk it’s way into the heart.try waking up your spouse with the sweet aroma of her/his favourite breakfast and get ready for a memorable day.
(2) kiss on the head or chin – sometimes direct sexual actions like a kiss on the lips might get a boring, try out things you underrated. Ever given your spouse a kiss on the forehead or chin in the public, if no, then u have one more thing to do.
(3) a hug from behind- Ever been at the receiving end of an unexpected a hug from the back, then u’ll know wat am talking about. While she’s busy making dinner, or he’s busy making a repair at the back yard, sneak up on him and give him a bear hug from behind, come back and testify.
(4) Tuck her in – it’s not meant for kids alone, u might want to stay up later to get through with that project but you dnt always have to formal about it, pick her up, carry her to the bed, cover he up with the blanket, and give her a kiss, I bet she’ll want you staying up late regularly.
(5) leave her a note- phone text are becoming the norm this days, leave him or her an “I love you sunshine” note. And he/she will definitely stop by the mall to get a gift.

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