5 Things All Nigerian Men Want For Valentines Day.

Falemtimes day is arou… wait chill, did I just say Falemtime. My bad.
Valentines day is around the corner and love is supposed to be in the air but we all know breakups and disappointed girlfriends who expect too much are going to be the order of the day. The day all Yoruba demons and Delila’s dread. That being said, We Nigerian guys are tired of the shabby gift most ladies give us so I decided to be the spokesman.

1. NO DRAMA: Yes, valentines day has to be the most dramatic day of the year. Girls become overly emotional over the littlest of things. ‘My friends’ boyfriend did this for her and look at the tiny thing you’re doing for me’, ‘Today is valentines day and you’re not being overly romantic’. The list continues. Please on behalf of all Nigerian men i’m begging you, give your man a free gift of peace of mind.

2. NO NAGGING: This also goes hand in hand with no drama. Try not to complain too. Valentines day is an obligation and if you’re a muslim you have no business celebrating the holiday, do your research. It’s a holiday of Roman catholic origin and Muslims don’t celebrate other christian holidays so why celebrate Valentines day. That’s by the way.
3. GOOD MAKEOUT SESSION/ BEDMINTON : Nobody is saying it’s a must you guys must do anything physical but if it so happens that anything physical happens, then put in work “do it” in such a way that he will NEVER forget and keep replaying in his head over and over.

4. A THOUGHTFUL GIFT (THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE SINGLET AND BOXERS): I’ve once gotten a singlet and boxers for valentine gift, and the worst part was that it wasn’t even my size. This is the most cliche gift. Get him a nice watch, a nice perfume or a nice polo shirt. Or you could write him a nice love poem or nice article and send it to me to publish and then send him the link, he’d appreciate it
5. A THOUGHTFUL DATE: Take him on a date where he doesn’t have to spend a kobo. This is 2017, valentines day isn’t about the woman but about the couple. The date doesn’t even have to be one big thing, take him to the movies and when you’re done with the movie have some icecream or eat at a restaurant at the mall. Ladies don’t really spend on guys so when you spend on him no matter how small he’d appreciate it.



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