5 Random Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship.

There are so many ways to ruin a relationship, it could be something so little and meaningless that can ruin a relationship or it could be something you simply overlook that will become a serious issue at the end of the day.
Here are some common things that you might be taking for granted that might eventually destroy a relationship.
Flirting: Flirting are of different types, you might be flirting knowingly in order to get your partner jealous or you might be flirting without you knowing. Flirting might be you getting too cosy with someone and when your partner sees it especially ladies they might start feeling insecure because too much flirting can make u lose focus and before you know it you will start cheating on your partner.
Facebook status: Most people entire lives are on facebook, you can easily get all their data on FB. It might just be a little tag issue or picture that can ruin your relationship.

Having an opposite s3x best friend: These days you hear most girls say my best friend is a guy, which is not supposed to be. No one like his/her partner having an opposite s3x best friend, so if you know your partner is not comfortable with you having an opposite s3x friend stay away from it.
Not being honest: Trust is so important in a relationship and once that is missing in a relationship there is nothing left in that relationship. If you are not totally honest with your partner.
Lack of appreciation: Not appreciating your partner can pose a big problem in a relationship, show your partner appreciation from time to time. Make them feel important and let them know you value them.

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