Laura Ikeji,The Newly Wedded Bride Claims Marriage Is Not An Achievement.

Laura ikeji

Recently married fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has warned social media ‘voltrons’ to steer clear of her and desist from telling her what she can do or not do now that she was married. The new bride of ex footballer, Ogbonna Kanu, said that unlike most Nigerian women, she didn’t consider marriage as an achievement.

Laura ikeji

She said, “To some women, marriage is an ACHIEVEMENT… To me Laura, it isn’t. Life isn’t that serious. I wanna achieve so much in my life, be the Nigerian Zara, with stores all over the country and across Africa. Be a household name in fashion. Have my own reality shows. So much to achieve. Leave me live my life the way I want to. Don’t come with the married woman bs. I beg you in God’s name, Do you while I do me.”
She added in a separate post that her fashion business is what she would consider as an achievement.

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