Ten Ways To Know A Responsible Man In The Home.

Responsible man

1)A responsible man lives with the fear of GOD in him.

2)A responsible man considers his family or kids before any decision of his.

3)A god fearing man ends to be a responsible man by remembering all that is in the book of GOD and commandments.

4)A man that feels guilty when he goes wrong and tries to amend it in any other is looked at as a responsible man.

5)A man that rolls with the kind of friends he’d be pleased to see his kids be in future too is a responsible man.

6)A man that hides his dirty acts away from his kids to give them a good future is seen as a responsible man.

7)A man that finds it interesting sleeping conveniently away from his home or kids for days due to his ungodly acts is never a responsible man.

8)A man that his kids can be proud of and boasted of in the midst of their peers to never be involved in messy acts is an highly responsible man.

9)A man that gives much of his time to his kids at his leisure time than been around meaningless peeps is a responsible man too.

10)A man that never sees his money or material things to give as his best to his family is also a responsible man.

Let’s help build what is right before GOD and our home infront of our kids because what we do before them is definitely what they will give back to us in future while rolling with peeps that never worth your while best brings no better future to your life.Our kids are the leaders of tomorrow,so let our men stand to give them the best and not by material things alone….

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